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Hua Wang is a professional company who specialize in the greenhouse designing, installing, computer system and have complete experience in this field for more than 10 years.


Hua Wang offers us the most up to date technology in greenhouse structures and system available today.

Co2 controller

Auto irrigation


Besides Hua-Wang has a high reputation for " perfect designing, soonest installation, humanity operation "  among the clients.


Our engineering and design departments will assist you to plan your greenhouse project. Begin from preliminary advice to final completion and commissioning of your greenhouse project, you will receive prompt, professional service.

Our mission is to help the agricultural and horticulture producers get the right equipment to help control the climate elements.

The module producing procedure makes the accessories and main materials mass production to reduce the cost and shorten the producing time. Especially, the accessories could be combined and installed perfectly without any welding work or modification on the site.

The microcomputer system in the greenhouses can control the shading system and ventilation system to avoid sunlight and high temperature hurt the plants. This possibility can reduce human costs due of the automatically and precise operation.



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