Design by best team.
27 years experiences in designing greenhouse.
4 type of structure with 7 range of span.
Build your own greenhouse.
We design all components by using computer, and produce them by using mold on production line.
We keep the quality stable, and never lack of any component.
Install other our equipment whenever necessary. Also, you can construct in stages easily. Our greenhouses have high-expandability, and easy to operate and manage.

  • HW-620


    This is the first case using PEP film as a covering in an environment control greenhouse. Because of the precise design and bold application and development, the customer can plant orchid in the type of greenhouse.

  • HW-680


    The main structure of this greenhouse is galvanized round steel pipe, and this greenhouse is the most economical in these four types of greenhouse. This is an ideal type for the farmer, who wants to save the cost and request a large area.

  • HW-960


    HW-960 has truss structure and covering with glass. This structure is stronger than other types. This design can achieve 9.6m spans without pillar (inside greenhouse).

  • HW-1040


    HW-1040 has truss structure and covering with PEP film. The strong structure with light load makes the space larger than other types.