• 1.The conception of deigning+

    Since Hua-Wang was founded, we have been dedicated at researching and developing high-strength, high-efficacy, and high-stability greenhouse products. The entire greenhouses we construct have fixed foundation with high-strength steel structure. Due to the stable structure, our greenhouse can be installed other our equipment whenever necessary. Also, you can construct in stages easily. Our greenhouses have high-expandability, and easy to operate and manage.
    we design the components, the design will be send to our manufactory and produce on production line. All the component will be installed by using hot dip galvanized screw and stainless screw at construction site. We never weld at construction site. Because of these reason, the greenhouse can be disassembled, moved to other place and assembled again.
  • 2.The Application of Materials+

    Greenhouse is the most important facility for a farmer. Hua-Wang pays attention on the strength and durability of our facility. We are very strict for the selection of materials.
    1. Steel:We chose high-quality non-radiation contaminated steel from qualified manufacturers.
    2. Aluminum:Use 6063T5 aluminum plus 15u anode
    3. Stainless:We chose stainless material to replace the components, which are easy to get corrosion and wet.
    4. Plastic:We use plastic to be the covering.
  • 3.Processing+

    • After choosing the material, all material will be sent to factory for processing. To prevent the material won’t rust in high-temp and high-humidity environment, all materials will be hot dip galvanized. We have own manufacturer to produce the component by using mold to keep the quality stable and precise.
    • Every part, which needs to be welded, will finish before we send to hot dip galvanized. After we finish the hot dip galvanized, we don’t allow cut or weld these component. The amount of the zinc coat on one side is more than 320g/. Each batch of galvanized products has inspection reports.
  • 4.Working Site+

    • We hope the customers can operate their greenhouse on schedule, so we pay attention on the time which we agreement with our customers. The worker and the arrangement of project are key points. To control the quality and keep the arrangement of project fluent, each working site will be assigned an engineer, who needs to implement the regulation of working site strictly and report the daily report everyday.
    • All the structure and equipment we construct can install according to the design diagram in the contract, which we sign with customer.
  • 5.Maintenance and Warranty+

    We care about the maintenance and warranty. Because of the component we produce by mold and fix them by using screw, repair and maintenance are easy. The information of customer will be filed and keep after the project is completed. These files make us can provide the service for customer quickly. We are responsible for all our customer’s greenhouses.